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Founded by industry veterans during the global pandemic, 4 Evolution brings together a diverse culture of experience and success. We have been effective in managing business units and complex projects in many blue chip companies.

Our goal is to bring technology, methodology and proficiency to businesses no matter their size and help them take control of their data and use it in new profitable ways.

We are here to help companies navigate their digital journey to bring growth and success.


editorial editorial

Editorial Services

Copyediting, Language polishing, Question creation and Proofreading

Pre-submission language refinement

Want to get ahead of the game before submitting your work to a publisher? 4E can thoroughly vet your manuscript prior to submission, which may greatly increase your chances for acceptance.


Need a top-notch copyedit? 4 Evolution’s team of experienced copy editors will provide the human touch that can make the difference in your publication and allow you to stand out from the crowd.


Need that finishing touch? 4E can provide it in a number of ways, proofreading your page proofs against your manuscript to ensure all changes were made as intended (word for word) or, if speed is what your need, 4E can proofread your page proofs without comparing them to the manuscript.

Question creation

Involved in test prep? 4Evolution has collaborated with leading education services companies in providing test preparation solutions. 4E provides writers and content specialists engaged in collating and crafting K–12 standardized tests questions in English, Biology, Math and other subjects.

editorial editorial

Video Creation

It’s time to change the way you think about video. Video has the power to humanize your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and so much more.


We help you find what works Who are your target audiences​


Build a plan and your story telling Put together a cross media campaign​


Make localized content for the media you have identified Produce versions for different platforms quickly Reuse great content​


Get your message to your audience Disseminate your content cross platform​

editorial editorial

Data Collection & Labelling for AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in text, image voice, and video, the fuel that powers the AI engine is data. At 4 Evolution, we understand the critical role that data annotation and labeling play in training and sustaining AI models. With a team of skilled data analysts, 4E is dedicated to providing efficient, high-quality data collection, annotation, and labeling services. 4E can help you harness the full potential of your AI models.

Data Collection

Need to get started? 4E can find the data for your data lakes to better train your AI models.

Data Preparation

Concerned about metadata? 4E’s data analysts can remove personal information to comply with privacy concerns and relevant laws (text, image, or speech).

Data Annotation & Labelling

Need to move forward? 4E’s experts can transcribe, tag, and capture relevant information to unlock the full potential of your AI models.

Quality Control and Testing

Need QC assurance? 4E will test your AI models on an ongoing basis to make sure that they are (and will remain) strictly the best in class.

editorial editorial

BPO Services, Web Scraping

Virtual assistance, Data capture, Transcription, AI labeling and metadata creation

Translation & Certified Translation

Need translations? 4 Evolution works with qualified in-country experts who can cover ~150 languages, including variants of the most widely used languages (i.e., European French versus Canadian French). Translation services can include copyediting or proofreading as needed.

Web Scraping

Need info about your current and future customers? Using advanced customer-relationship management (CRM) data-driven software solutions that incorporate web scraping, 4E can provide what you need to stay ahead of the competition.


Need efficient, cost-effective transcription? 4 Evolution can provide speech-to-text transcription that includes tagging.

Virtual Assistant

Need a hand keeping it all together? 4 Evolution has got you covered. Whether you need appointment scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, event management, or basic customer-relationship management, 4E can tailor a suite of services to allow you to focus on your #1 priority: Growing your business.


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